Holograph is an omnichain tokenization protocol. Holograph has been used to mint millions of omnichain tokens, making it the most widely used protocol for cross-chain asset production and distribution.
The Holograph Protocol Stack
Holograph Protocol comprises 10 primary elements, serving as the foundational components that drive the functionality of the entire system.
Holograph provides developers the flexibility to create a wide variety of tokens, from standard fungible and non-fungible tokens to custom tokens for novel use cases. Holograph also enables the seamless expansion of existing tokens across different chains.
Standard Tokens
Deploy natively composable fungible and non-fungible tokens that are burned on the source chain and then minted on the destination chain.
Custom Tokens
Deploy brand new custom token implementations that can interoperate in unique ways across multiple execution environments.
Existing Tokens
Make existing tokens omnichain by locking the existing tokens on a source chain and then minting omnichain tokens on the destination chain.
Deploy Contract Architecture
Holograph facilitates the use of a single, unique contract address and token ID across all blockchains, making them the definitive identifying characteristics of the token, while ensuring secure asset transfers between blockchains.
Transfer Token Architecture
Holograph works by burning tokens on the source chain, sending a message via LayerZero to the destination chain, and then reminting the same number of tokens to the same contract address. This unifies liquidity, eliminates slippage, and preserves fungibility across blockchains.
Start Building with Holograph
Holograph is the easiest way to deploy, mint, and transport tokens across the onchain ecosystem.
Deploy Contract
Deploy contracts on multiple chains.
Transfer Token
/*** * @notice Deploy a holographable smart contract * @dev Using this function allows to deploy smart contracts that have the same address across all EVM chains * @param config contract deployement configurations * @param signature that was created by the wallet that created the original payload * @param signer address of wallet that created the payload */ function deployHolographableContract ( DeploymentConfig memory config, Verification memory signature, address signer ) public { address registry; address holograph; assembly { holograph := sload (_holographSlot) registry := sload (_registrySlot) } /** * @dev the configuration is encoded and hashed along with signer address */ bytes32 hash = keccak256( abi.encodePacked( config.contractType, config.chainType, config.salt, keccak256 (config.byteCode), keccak256(config.initCode), signer ) ); }
Omnichain Tokenization Infrastructure
Holograph enables asset issuers to mint natively composable omnichain tokens.