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Puks Teams Up with Holograph for Multichain Open Edition

Introducing "Where Do We Go From Here?," a nostalgic piece by artist Puks.

  • Free multichain open edition

  • 72-hour mint

  • Available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Optimism, Arbitrum, & Mantle

Puks is an animator & illustrator based in India. They’ve animated and directed for HBO's "Ambient Swim," have collaborated with bands like Cheat Codes, brands like L'Oréal, and displayed their work at fairs like Art Basel.

"Where Do We Go From Here?" is an excerpt from Puks' exuberantly colorful and art forward webtoon, "Frondescence." The series is comprised of short stories exploring intimate moments in a fictitious utopia.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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