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LayerZero and Marcelo Pinel Team Up with Holograph for Multichain Open Edition

Introducing “Holograph x LayerZero” by artist Marcelo Pinel in collaboration with our friends at LayerZero.

  • Free multichain open edition

  • 7-day mint

  • Available on 7 networks

“Holograph x LayerZero” celebrates Holograph and LayerZero's shared vision for an omnichain future. In Marcelo Pinel’s signature style, this work presents a visual representation of holographic assets beaming across the EVM via LayerZero.

To date, Holograph has been used to send over 1,500,000 messages via LayerZero, making it the premiere destination for secure cross-chain value transfer at scale.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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