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Introducing: Multichain Open Editions

The first ever Multichain Open Edition hits the blockchain today in collaboration with Dan Witz, with editions from Spacebrat and Amber Vittoria coming soon.

Holograph is launching its new Multichain Open Edition feature, which aims to reimagine the way art is created, distributed, and collected. The new technology allows artists to create unique, open-edition digital artworks accessible on several blockchains simultaneously, rather than just a single chain.

To launch this new technology, Holograph has tapped three world-renowned artists: Dan Witz, Spacebrat, and Amber Vittoria. Each of these artists will release digital artworks that will be available to mint exclusively on Holograph App, allowing collectors the ability to mint NFTs on any blockchain with any token — and bridge them to sell on any marketplace.

Dan Witz is known for his hyperrealistic paintings and street art. His piece “Mosh Pit 2000” goes live today and was previously used in collaboration with luxury fashion brand, Dior.

In the coming weeks, Holograph will also debut two more Multichain Open Editions with Spacebrat, a visual artist and musician who creates surreal and psychedelic artwork; and Amber Vittoria, a Brooklyn-based illustrator known for her bold and colorful work.

Holograph Multichain Open Editions offer a revolutionary way for artists and collectors to connect and transact with one another, while also ensuring the authenticity and provenance of each artwork.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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