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Introducing Mint: Testnet Beta

Holograph Introducing Mint

We’re excited to announce the testnet launch of Mint, our no-code omnichain NFT minting interface. This is the first of many milestones in the development of Holograph Protocol.

We currently support minting on Rinkeby (Ethereum testnet) and Mumbai (Polygon testnet).

Getting Started

Mint with Holograph

  • Click here to mint testnet NFTs with Mint

  • Click here for our user guides

  • Click here to give us feedback on the product (we expect there to be issues so if you find one, please let us know!)


Mint enables you to:

  • Create & configure collections

  • Create & configure NFTs

  • Deploy collections & NFTs on Rinkeby & Mumbai

User Experience

Mint enables you to create your collections and NFTs as drafts, so that you can mint them whenever you want. Furthermore, we’ve made switching between different EVM blockchains a seamless experience, providing creators a global view of their collections and NFTs across all supported networks.

Smart Contracts

Mint’s smart contracts are compatible with Holograph Protocol, which will enable Mint deployed NFTs to move between EVM blockchains with complete data integrity. Each NFT minted with Mint has:

  • Omnichain provenance

  • Metadata permanence

  • Detailed JSON payloads

  • ERC compliant formatting

Mint’s smart contracts were designed to be upgradeable to ensure that they are efficient, compliant, and secure as the EVM ecosystem evolves over time. Upgradability is especially important early in the lifecycle of a protocol, when specifications are being hardened and features are under development. Mint is currently in beta, so it’s important that our core team can work quickly to adapt and build. Currently, upgrades to Mint are administered by the core team via a multisig that requires 3 of 5 signatures to ensure that no one member can unilaterally make breaking changes, either through oversight or malicious intent.


We plan to spend the next several weeks testing Mint and gathering feedback from our community. Our goal is to ensure that everything functions as expected before deploying to mainnet. Next, we plan to enhance Mint to enable a robust set of features for creators of all kinds. These features will enable you to:

  • Split royalties among multiple wallets

  • Withdraw on-chain royalties

  • Store metadata on Arweave

  • Mint collections on BSC, Avalanche, Fantom, & more

  • Support for additional file formats (video, audio, & 3D)

  • Set custom video & audio thumbnails

  • Mint editions

  • Airdrop tokens to whitelisted collectors

  • Configure custom properties

  • View gas fee estimations

  • And more...


Holograph’s mission is to enable NFT interoperability across the entire web3 ecosystem. We’ve taken great steps to ensure that our user experience is simple, elegant, and intuitive, and that our smart contracts are efficient, secure, and future proof. If you’re a creator looking to mint omnichain NFTs, give Mint a try and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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