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Introducing Holograph: Omnichain NFT Protocol

Holograph Pantone

Today, we proudly introduce Holograph, which will soon provide omnichain NFT infrastructure for creators, developers, and enterprises. In this post, we’ll talk about how we started, where we’re at, and where we’re going.

Check out our website here.

Our founder, Jeff Gluck, spent the last 15 years as an IP lawyer defending creators against copyright infringement. When NFTs exploded in early 2021, his clients asked him how smart contracts could be used to prevent counterfeit and fraud. In response, Jeff founded CXIP Labs to protect creators from NFT copyright infringement.

Soon thereafter, Jeff realized that there were many more problems with NFTs than just copyright infringement. Lack of provenance, data impermanence, and fragmented royalties inspired him to launch Creator Minting, a self-serve interface for creators to mint their own collections and NFTs.

Since then, CXIP Labs has minted NFTs by luminary creators Daniel Arsham (with help from Nifty Gateway), Jen Stark, and Justin Aversano, among others.

In addition to minting, CXIP introduced the PA1D Royalties contract, enabling creators to set and collect on-chain royalties across all marketplaces.

As our product evolved, it became clear that the expense of minting on Ethereum was alienating many creators. NFT minting should be for everyone, not just the elite.

This led us to form a new thesis: NFT interoperability will be paramount in realizing the open metaverse. With this in mind, we identified a roadmap to achieve greater NFT interoperability.

Enter Holograph. Our mission is to make omnichain NFT minting and bridging a simple, intuitive experience.

Our roadmap includes:

  • Mint - a no-code, NFT minting interface for creators

  • Core - an omnichain NFT minting and bridging API for developers

  • Bridge - an omnichain bridge enabling NFTs to move between EVM blockchains with complete data integrity

Holograph presents an ecosystem of products that unlock creativity, liquidity, and brand-new use cases. We plan to roll out these products over the next several months, so stayed tuned for updates as we build the future of NFT interoperability.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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