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Introducing Bridge: Testnet Beta

We’re excited to announce the testnet beta launch of Bridge, which enables NFTs to beam across EVM blockchains with complete data integrity. This is the second of many milestones in the development of Holograph Protocol.

Bridge supports beaming NFTs between Rinkeby (Ethereum testnet), Mumbai, (Polygon testnet), and Fuji (Avalanche testnet).

Getting Started

Bridge with Holograph

  • Click here to mint testnet NFTs (which you’ll need to beam them to different networks)

  • Click here for our user guides

  • Click here to give us feedback (we expect there to be issues so if you find one, please let us know!)


Bridge enables you to:

  • Beam NFTs between Rinkeby, Mumbai, & Fuji


We strive to make beaming NFTs as easy as possible. That said, the current state of the app may be a bit confusing. Some important caveats to be aware of:

To beam an NFT from Chain A to Chain B, the collection must be deployed on Chain B. In other words, if you try to beam an NFT to a network where the collection is NOT deployed, it won’t work. To manage this, we’ve implemented an omnichain collection propagator, which automatically deploys your collection to all supported networks. When deploying collections, we ask for your patience in waiting for the propagator to complete before beaming NFTs.

Due to technical factors (e.g., block times, network congestion, gas fees), the time it takes to beam an NFT will vary from network to network.

Testnet RPC URLs are notoriously prone to error. Here’s a list of recommended RPCs (Rinkeby is not included as it comes by default on MetaMask & typically works as expected) 👇

Mumbai Testnet Settings

Fuji Testnet Settings

To know if a beam is successful, go to the Collection Details and refresh the screen until the destination network is displayed on the NFT card component.

We’ll spend the next several weeks testing Bridge and gathering feedback from our community. Over this time we’ll enhance Bridge with additional features that will enable you to:

  • Check the beaming status of your NFTs

  • Filter NFT selection by collection

  • Beam collections

  • Beam multiple NFTs at once

Holograph’s mission is to enable NFT interoperability across the entire web3 ecosystem. If you’re looking to beam NFTs, give Holograph a try and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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