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Holographic Assets: Enabling Composable Cross-chain Value Transfer at Scale

Holograph introduces a new crypto primitive — Holographic Assets. Holographic assets enable composable cross-chain value transfer at scale.

  • Maintains data across blockchains

  • Enforces universal token standards

  • Composable with any messaging protocol

Holographic Fungible Tokens (hFTs) maintain the same contract address across blockchains.

  • Unifies liquidity

  • Eliminates slippage

  • Preserves fungibility

Holographic Non-Fungible Tokens (hNFTs) maintain the same contract address and token ID across blockchains.

  • Fully customizable

  • Secures data & utility

  • Preserves provenance

Holograph empowers asset issuer sovereignty. By modularizing the value layer, Holographic assets are allowed to move freely between any app, messaging protocol, or blockchain, transferring control from bridges to asset issuers.

Holographic assets work for both new and existing tokens. Holograph’s protocol stack ensures that token standards are enforced and that security is of the highest quality.

Holograph provides a complete solution for asset issuers. With robust deployment and management infrastructure, asset issuers can deliver immediate value to their communities

  • Command line tooling

  • Instant deployments

  • Cross-chain asset indexing

As more apps go multichain, digital asset composability will be paramount for moving value throughout the crypto ecosystem. With this primitive — Holographic Assets — value can move without borders, allowing people the freedom to transact where they want.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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