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Holograph Use Case: Omnichain Marketplace

Holograph unlocks new use cases for NFTs. Let’s explore one more example.

An Omnichain Marketplace will enable users to trade and collect NFTs from various chains without having to switch networks & manage multiple native gas tokens.

Simply put:

  • One user interface will provide access to all available NFTs across all chains

  • Buy & sell NFTs without switching networks or bridging NFTs

  • A user will not need to know which chain an NFT is listed on

Here’s an example:

  • Connect wallet to Omnichain Marketplace

  • Browse collections on multiple networks

  • Buy NFT on BSC

  • Pay gas with MATIC

An omnichain marketplace will do for NFTs what Amazon did for physical retail commerce by unifying buy-side and sell-side liquidity in a single user interface.

Such a marketplace would vastly improve the user experience of buying and selling NFTs, & catalyze a new wave of market participants.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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