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Holograph Use Case: Mint-Specific Chains

Holograph unlocks new use cases for NFTs. Let’s explore an example.

Mint-Specific Chains refers to the process of deploying a private EVM chain to facilitate an NFT drop and then bridging those NFTs to a public blockchain for buyers to access marketplace liquidity.

Simply put:

  • Deploy a private EVM chain

  • Mint NFTs

  • Bridge NFTs to L1 or L2 to access market liquidity

Here’s an example:

  • Supreme wants to mint NFT memberships

  • Supreme deploys their own private EVM chain with minimal fees & fast tx times

  • Users mint NFTs, which avoids gas wars & network congestion

  • Users bridge NFTs to Ethereum

  • Users sell NFTs on OpenSea

  • Supreme collects perpetual on-chain royalties from secondary sales

Enterprises and brands need a blockchain solution that provides a stable development environment, mitigates financial risk, interoperates with multiple blockchains, and unlocks asset liquidity.

Deploying a mint-specific chain will enable enterprises and brands to scale their NFT drops without clogging the blockchain and running up gas fees.

Thanks for reading and make sure to keep in touch!

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