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The Hundreds Teams Up With Holograph To Release Signs

Around this time last year, the crypto community was caught in the midst of one of the first major crypto crashes in what seemed to be a year-long sequence. Influential figures like Bill Gates were vocally denouncing crypto and FUD disseminated in the air as the web3 community gathered at a puzzling NFT.NYC 2022. On a bustling Monday morning, a group of anti-NFT protestors made headlines as they crashed the opening of The Hundreds’ pop-up creating a spectacle that dominated discussions throughout the week. The protest quickly gained viral attention, landing on the Twitter trending list and leaving everyone pondering its authenticity and organization.

Orchestrated by The Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad, the idea behind the marketing stunt was done in an effort to “exploit the line between skeptics and enthusiasts”. As we approach the one-year anniversary of the protest, what better way to commemorate the event than through an open-edition mint including the high-resolution images of the original protest posters?

Together with Holograph, The Hundreds is launching SIGNS, a collection commemorating the one-year anniversary of the staged protest with a digital collectibles release. Holograph recently introduced Multichain Open Editions, the first-ever launchpad for digital creators to release multichain collections. Holograph has released curated collections with creators including legendary street artist Dan Witz, artist Amber Vittoria, and Spacebrat, whose work “Gleam,” was minted over 300,000 times in 48 hours. Holograph also recently introduced a first-of-its-kind CryptoPunk remix collaboration between Eric Elms and web3 luminary, foobar.

Holograph enables creators to mint, bridge, and distribute multichain NFTs through an easy-to-use app. Behind the scenes, Holograph’s protocol enables NFTs to move between six supported blockchains with complete data integrity.

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