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Eric Elms Taps foobar to Bring Iconic “Kilroy” Design to Web3

Artist and designer Eric Elms is perhaps best known for his colorful take on Kilroy, one of the most recognizable and earliest pop culture memes. Elms is a mixed media artist whose work has influenced fashion and street culture. He's worked with prominent streetwear brands like Nike, Supreme, and Stussy. His iconic Kilroy design is a modern, personalized take on the character, which originated during WWII. Soldiers would graffiti the character in obscure locations along with the tagline, “Kilroy was here.” Over time, the meme was spray painted on top of towers, landmarks, and bridges. Elms took this even further, bringing the character to streetwear and newfound frontiers of culture.

For the first time, Kilroy, widely considered the original meme, is being brought to web3, the newest frontier of popular culture. To bring Kilroy to the digital sphere, Elms tapped web3 luminary foobar, who is known across the industry for this informational Twitter threads, hot takes, and newsletters. A developer and web3 founder, foobar has a unique talent for making highly technical information digestible and entertaining. Their collaboration resulted in KilroyPunk, a mixture of foobar’s CryptoPunk avatar and Elms’ Kilroy design.

Holograph recently introduced Multichain Open Editions in partnership with renowned artist, Dan Witz. Following Witz’ release, Holograph partnered with artist and fashion designer, Spacebrat, to release “Gleam,” which was minted an eye-popping 301,800 times in 48 hours. In the coming weeks, Holograph will also debut its partnership with Amber Vittoria, a Los Angeles-based illustrator known for her bold and colorful work.

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